Hidden potential at Coughton Court

Posted: 16 February 2015

Sir Nicholas Throckmorton (1515-1571), aged 49, by British (English) School, 1564, oil on panel. Coughton Court, Warwickshire © National Trust Images/John Hammond. This is Coughton Court's earliest portrait.

It’s time to confess: I know very little about portraits. I don’t have a degree in Art or History. My degree is in English, and my background is conservation, so I will apologise in advance if I appear easily pleased by the things I learnt when I attended my first Understanding British Portraits workshop! My role at Coughton Court is based mostly in collections care and researching and interpreting our broad range of beautiful items for the visiting public. The 600-year-old Coughton Court, ancestral seat of the still-resident Throckmorton family,[...]


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Pendant portraits at Valence House Museum

Posted: 04 June 2014

Valence House Museum - female portrait

Acquired by Valence House Museum in 1972, very little is known about these two portraits. The sitters are wearing mid-17th century clothing and the portraits seem to form a pair. The paintings have been removed from their stretchers and appear to have undergone conservation at some point, possibly following fire damage. Any suggestions as to who the sitters and artist[...]