Conference: Portrait Miniatures: Artists, Functions, and Collections, 9–11 September 2022

Venue: Celle Castle, Tansey Miniatures Foundation, Celle Castle (near Hanover), 9–11 September 2022

This conference will take place in conjunction with the seventh exhibition of the Tansey Miniatures Foundation and the publication of the accompanying catalogue Miniatures from the Time of Napoleon in the Tansey Collection. 23 speakers from 11 different countries will address a range of topics related to portrait miniatures:


• Individual miniaturists, specific workshop contexts, and places of production
• Use and functions of both court and private types and their protagonists
• Iconographic aspects in the context of representation or intimacy
• Evolution of techniques and materials
• Private and public collections

The conference will be in English. The presentations will subsequently be published in a richly illustrated book. Admission is free. See here for further details on the event.

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