Dr Francesca Saggini

Memberships (professional bodies)

MLA, ASECS, BSECS, SISSD, Frances Burney Society, HEA (for the UK)

Career summary

Tenured associate professor. Winner of the Walken Cowen Memorial Prize awarded by the University of Virginia; winner of the Best Work of Scholarly Criticism awarded by the Accademia dei Lincei (Italy); British Academy- Accademia dei Lincei Fellow (twice); Fellow of the Burney Centre at McGill University; Fellow of the Department of Scottish Studies (University of Glasgow).
She holds a Ph.D. in Theatre Studies and a Ph.D. in English Literature. She is the author of about 90 publications, including three research monographs and several edited collections.

Areas of interest / research

Frances Burney; the Gothic (to date); stage and novel relations in the long eighteenth century; Anglo-Italian relations in the long eighteenth century.

For quite some time I have been involved in putting together a research monograph on authorial portraiture in C18 and C19 from a European perspective.

Details of books/publications relating to your work on British portraiture

“Identità a soggetto. Figurazioni dell’attore nella cultura inglese del Settecento” [Improvising identity. Figurations of the actor in eighteenth-century English culture]. In Diego Saglia and Giovanna Silvani (eds), Narrare/Rappresentare. Incroci di segni tra immagine e parola. Bologna: Clueb, 2003. Pp. 33-49. ISBN: 9788849121285.
“The Bodybound Muse: In The Cut with the Castrato”. In Andrew Mangham (eds), The Male Body in Medicine and Literature. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2014. Essay in progress.

British Academy-Accademia dei Lincei Fellow. Project: portraiture and the construction of the author in the modern period.