Dr Jim Cheshire

Career summary

1999 – present: University of Lincoln / De Montfort University
1997-99: V&A, Research Assistant, British Galleries Project
1992-98: University of Exeter PhD student / tutor

Areas of interest / research

Literary Celebrity
Portraits in Victorian Stained Glass
Photographic Portraiture in Victorian Period

Details of books/publications relating to your work on British portraiture

‘The Public is a Many-Headed Monster’, Tennyson Research Bulletin 11, 1 (2017), pp. 33-9.
Tennyson and Mid-Victorian Publishing, Palgrave Macmillan (2016) .
‘The Fall of the House of Moxon: James Bertrand Payne and the Illustrated Idylls of the King’, Victorian Poetry 50.1 (Spring 2012) pp. 67-90.
‘The Poet and his Publishers: Shaping Tennyson’s Public Image’, in From Compositors to Collectors: Essays on Book Trade History, eds John Hinks and Matthew Day, London: British Library, 2012, pp. 109-132.

Podcast of presentation at Understanding British Portraits Annual Seminar 2017, ‘Tennyson, Photography and Portraiture 1857-92.’

Short film discussing the wider context of Annual Seminar presentation (above), filmed at the Tennyson Research Centre, Lincoln

Audio recording of talk at the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, part of a seminar series on ‘Fame and Shame’ in 2017. Entitled, ‘Tennyson, Celebrity and Portraiture’, it explores how publishers became responsible for promoting authors through portraiture in the mid-Victorian period. With a focus on Edward Moxon and his role in expanding the readership of both Wordsworth and Tennyson.

University of Lincoln, staff profile: http://staff.lincoln.ac.uk/jcheshire