Gil Dye

Memberships (professional bodies)

Museums Association.

Lace Guild.

Career summary

Qualified as a teacher from Homerton College, Cambridge.

Teaching lace (all types) from 1979-present in regular (AE) classes and short courses (in UK and USA).

Member of Lace Guild committee which established City and Guilds Lacemaking.

Responsibility for preparing the Lace Guild’s successful application for Museum Registration.

Author of books and articles on various aspects of lace and lacemaking, including beginners’ books on both needle and bobbin lace and a history of the first 25 years of The Lace Guild.

Currently researching early bobbin lace.

Areas of interest / research

Early bobbin lace as seen as surface decoration and on collars, cuffs, shoe roses, knee sashes etc in 16th and 17th century portraits (making comparisons with surviving lace and pattern books of the period and attempting reconstructions).

Details of books/publications relating to your work on British portraiture

Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Lace: Book 1, Gold and Silver Edgings; Book 2, The Isham Samples and other Linen Edgings (Book 3, Surface Decoration in Silks and Metallic Threads, in preparation).