Distinguished Professor Emeritus Robert Tittler

Memberships (professional bodies)

Fellow, Royal Historical Society (FRHistS).

Fellow, Society of Antiquaries, London (FSA).

Fellow, Royal Society of Canada (FRSC).

N. American Conference on British Studies Institute of Historical Research, University of London.

Career summary

Loyola College of Montreal, 1969-74.

Assist. Professor; Concordia University, various ranks to Professor, 1983-2005.

‘Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History’, 2005-present.

Visiting Professor, Yale University, 1998.

Hon. Research Fellow, U. Leicester, Oct., 2006.

Adjunct Professor, Art History, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2010-.

Areas of interest / research

Social and Economic context of English portraiture c.1500-1640.

Patrons, Publics and Portraits in Provincial England c.1540-1640.

English Painters of any description, 1500-1640.

Portraits and memory.

Regional and provincial portraiture.

Details of books/publications relating to your work on British portraiture


The Face of the City; Civic Portraiture and Civic Identity in Early Modern England (Manchester University Press, 2007).

Portraits, Painters, and Publics in Provincial England, 1540-1640 (Oxford University Press, 2012).



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