Can you help identify the sitter of this 1915 portrait?

Unknown man, by Richard Jack, 1915

Unknown man, by Richard Jack, 1915

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I am trying to source the sitter of this portrait by Richard Jack. The picture is dated 1915 and clearly depicts a well-to-do gentry type, typical of many of Jack’s sitters. It is done in his studio, as the chair features in several of his paintings. Jack, I think, is an accomplished artist who moved to Canada soon after this was painted and became their official war artist. I haven’t come across any studio books or references to portraits in the RA.


  • Isabelle Masse
    December 7, 2018 | Permalink | Reply to this comment

    The model surely looks like Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937), nuclear physicist and winner of a Nobel Prize. He worked at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) until 1907, before moving to Manchester. He had many portraits done. (But the model might look older than a 44 year-old man…)

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