Self-portrait by Edward Collier, oil on canvas, 1683 © National Portrait Gallery, London


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Portrait of a Bavarian lady, c1850

A member is seeking artist attributions and thoughts on sitter identity for this work, believed to be a Bavarian lady c.1850. Please use the comment space below to share your ideas.

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Artists and dates sought for these Leeds/Dewsbury portraits

A member is attempting to identify four portrait sitters by artist attributions or proposed dates. The portraits are in a private family collection, and the sitters lived in the Leeds/Dewsbury area. Click the thumbnails for larger images. Please use the comment space below to share your ideas.

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Who is the artist of this portrait?

The label on the reverse reads ‘Painting of the Disbrow Family’.  It was sold by Christie’s in 1920 attributed to Peter Lely, but this is now being questioned by the owner who suspects it may be a work by Greenhill. Major General John Disbrow (1608–80) (also Disbrowe/Desborough) of Walton Hall was a high-ranking Parliamentarian.  In […]

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Date and artist attribution sought by Valence House Museum

Valence House Museum has recently been asked to identify the sitter in this portrait. Writing on the reverse of the frame identifies this sitter at Charles (Skyrme) Fanshawe of Island House, Laugharne [Carmarthenshire]. It also state that the sitter is descended from King Charles II and his wife Lucy Walter through their daughter Mary, wife […]

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Ideas sought on artist and sitter

A member is looking for ideas as to artist attribution and sitter identity regarding this miniature portrait, oil on copper. The sitter wears an unidentified medal and lace-edged collar. Please use the comments section at the bottom of the page to share your ideas.  

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Lady Ann Fanshawe attributed to Mignard, 1660?

Valence House Museum has been asked to find more information on this portrait. An inscription on the reverse of the canvas (see below) states that the sitter is Lady Ann Fanshawe (1625-80) and was painted by Mignard in 1660. However, in 1660 Lady Ann would have been 35 years old, and the sitter in this […]

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Unknown woman by Herman Verelst, 1688

Colleagues at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, have posted an image of their portrait by Herman Verelst, dated 1688. On reverse of the frame are labels reading “Mrs. Burslem [crossed out: Barnardiston] / from Mrs. Smith” and “Boddam-Whetham”. They welcome any thoughts regarding the possible identity of the sitter. […]

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Can you help identify the sitter of this 1915 portrait?

A member has submitted the following query; please add your suggestions in the Comments box at the bottom of the page: I am trying to source the sitter of this portrait by Richard Jack. The picture is dated 1915 and clearly depicts a well-to-do gentry type, typical of many of Jack’s sitters. It is done […]

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Possible laird of Barnbarroch

Can you help with this query about dating? This is (or was) a painting from my family home, Barnbarroch of an unknown Vans Agnew. Because of the size of the work and it’s important position (in a photo of the room in 1907) I presume it to be of a laird of Barnbarroch and therefore […]

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