The main audiences for learning programmes have been further subdivided into more specific groups. Inevitably there are crossovers between audience ‘types’.


Schools / Colleges

In 2011 the Department of Education announced that the National Curriculum was under review and so changes should be expected soon.

School year groups are divided into Key Stages based on the National Curriculum:


Adult Learners

Aside from these specific categories there are the walk-in visitors to heritage sites, museums and galleries.

A useful organisation to join if you are concentrating on adult learners is NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education) which exists to encourage more and different adults to engage in learning of all kinds.



Community Audiences

Community Audiences are defined as potential audiences local to your site and may have barriers (economic / cultural) to attending activities.



Families are divided into ‘Day Trippers’ and those attending specific events. Read more:


People with Disabilities

There are a large number of people in Britain registered as disabled. There is not enough space here to subdivide by each group