Peter Forsaith

Memberships (professional bodies)

F R Hist S Society of Archivists.

Career summary

Westminster College, Oxford 1995-1999.

Oxford Brookes University from 2000 (PhD, 2003).

Areas of interest / research

Religion and art in 18th century Britain, focusing on portraiture of the Wesleys and evangelicals, also extending to portraiture/images in the Methodist movement/church through 19th and 20th centuries.

Details of books/publications relating to your work on British portraiture


Image, identity and John Wesley; a study in portraiture (Abingdon: Routledge, 2018).


‘Beyond The True Likeness of John Wesley’, in Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society, vol 62/2 (May 2018).

 ‘A visit to Fonthill, 1806’ in The Beckford Journal vol. 22 (2016), pp. 35-40.

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‘A far greater genius than Sir Joshua’; Did Joshua Reynolds (1723-1789) paint John Wesley (1703-1791)?’ in The British Art Journal vol. XVI/3, Winter 2015/16, pp. 103-109.

‘Preachers, prints and portraits: Methodists and image in Georgian Britain’, in Journal of Religious History, Literature and Culture (George Whitefield Tercentenary Essays special issue), December 2015, pp. 55-75.

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‘The curious incident of Susanna Wesley’s rosebud lips’ in (edited Norma Virgoe) Angels and Impudent Women: Women in Methodism, Wesley Historical Society Publications, 2007.