Follow-up activity

  1. Pupils to use their preliminary sketch as the basis for a finished painted individual portrait.
  2. Individual portraits can be assembled and displayed in a group collage as in the Sgt Pepper album cover.
  3. Pupils can create stories about the individual characters in the ‘Sgt. Pepper’ style class group photo.
  4. Pupils can work in small groups to create a ‘dramatic tableau’. They can choose one of the following scenarios and arrange themselves in small groups for their ‘group portrait’. Take digital photos. Write a story which includes all the characters in the group portrait and which describes the relationships between them.
  5. Suggested scenarios for group portraits:
  • People at a wedding: bride, groom, bridesmaids, pageboys, ushers, guests
  • Children at a birthday party
  • Group of friends in the playground




The evaluation below has been given to the Portraits Workshop:

  • ‘A very well organised and planned session. Children have thoroughly enjoyed their session and learned a lot from it. A session that will be memorable and has been an excellent starting point for their portrait work. Presenter was excellent and I would definitely be coming again. Thanks very much.’
  • ‘Lots of new vocabulary was introduced. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.’
  • ‘The children were very excited and inspired by the workshop. Many thanks.’
  • ‘The presenter was super with the children. You can tell she’s a teacher. Lesson notes and key vocabulary are very useful.’



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