Case Studies: 'Learning Programmes'

Podcasts from the National Portrait Gallery, Washington

Access a fantastic range of gallery talks, interviews with artists and lectures from the Smithsonian NPG on their Face-to-Face Podcasts page here, including: Brandon Fortune, curator at NPG, discusses Mather Brown’s portrait of Thomas Jefferson. Liz Rideal, of London’s National Portrait Gallery, discusses John Singleton Copley’s self-portrait. Photographer Alec Soth discusses his work. Sid Hart, […]

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Briana Zavadil White at National Portrait Gallery Washington

Briana Zavadil White, school and teacher program coordinator at the National Portrait Gallery, demonstrates  the ‘Compare and Contrast’ strategy for exploring portraiture. This strategy allows students to discover the similarities and differences between two portraits of the same individual. When looking closely at these depictions of Pocahontas, students can determine which was created from life, […]

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