Self-portrait by Edward Collier, oil on canvas, 1683 © National Portrait Gallery, London


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Joseph and Alexander Van Aken

An independent scholar is seeking advice on the practice of the drapery painters Joseph (c.1699-1749) and Alexander (1701-1757) Van Aken/Vanhaecken: From roughly 1725 to 1760 a large majority of British portraits’ clothing & landscapes were supposedly painted by the workshop of Joseph Van Haecken (d. 1749) and his brother Alexander. The link between him and […]

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Who is the painter ‘Clifford’?

A member is looking for information on an eighteenth-century portraitist called Clifford (forenames unknown), who executed the adjoining painting. “Clifford appears to have been a travelling portrait painter who spent some time in Cornwall and resided for a while in Truro. This portrait (top left, and bottom) shows Francis Jenkins of Truro (1756- 1839). He […]

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Thomas Phillips’ unknown sitter, early 1830s

A member is seeking the identity of this female portrait sitter by Thomas Phillips RA (1770-1845). She was formerly identified as ‘Lady Blessington’, but this is unverified. The costume has helped to date the painting to the early 1830s. Medium: oil on canvas Dimensions: 76.9 by 62.2 cm.; 30 1/4  by 24 1/2  in. Known […]

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Possible subject or sitters, and artist sought

A network member is seeking assistance in identifying the sitters in this group portrait or the subject matter, and ideas as to artist. “I am researching a portrait which was originally thought to represent Samuel Foote with David Garrick and his wife Eva Maria Veigel, but this identification has now been disproved. There is evidence […]

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Seeking advice on portrait dating and costume

A query from Valence House Museum: This portrait is described as Mrs Mary Linsdell (b.1805) and her daughter Annie (b.1841) and was donated in 1942 by Annie’s son-in-law. Annie was the fifth child and third daughter of Mary and her husband Thomas. The portrait is by John Robert Wildman – portrait, landscape, historical and animal […]

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Partners: Art Detective

Art Detective aims to improve knowledge of the UK’s public art collection. It is a free-to-use online network that connects public art collections with members of the public and providers of specialist knowledge. Launched in March 2014, Art Detective comprises a digital network built on top of the Public Catalogue Foundation’s (PCF) existing art object […]

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