Self-portrait by Edward Collier, oil on canvas, 1683 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Queries: 'Artists'

Seeking information about ‘The Black Boy’ (1844) by William L. Windus

‘The Black Boy’ was painted by Liverpool artist William L. Windus in 1844. The portrait has been on display in the International Slavery Museum since 2007, but there are still many things that we don’t know about the sitter and his experiences as a Black child in 19th century Liverpool. Following a dedicated research project, […]

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Looking for artist attributions and sitter identity

A new submission to the queries board as follows: I am trying to find some help with a portrait I came across about two years ago. This oil on canvas has a plate at the bottom that reads, ‘Lady Fitzgerald, Thomas Gainsborough’. Hugh Belsey later ruled out this being the artist and suggested maybe it […]

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Portraits with West Indian soldiers and attendants seeking attributions

The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum at Winchester has in its collection two full-length portraits of Major General Coote Manningham (1765-1809) and his brother Lieutenant Colonel Boyd Manningham (1766-97). They were received from descendants of these two brothers by the Rifle Brigade Museum in 1956. Framed, they are apparently unsigned and undated. The two pictures […]

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Seeking artist attribution

A member is seeking artist attributions for this portrait, or information on artists working in court circles at this time. Portrait of King George III, wearing Windsor uniform, c.1800 oil on canvas, unsigned, relined Private collection, Europe Please add your responses in the comments box below.

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Seeking artist and sitter suggestions

A member is seeking suggestions as to artist and sitter for this portrait of a young man with riding crop, 100 x 127 cms. There’s a Charles Roberson stamp on the canvas. Click the image below for a larger version. Please use the comments space below to send your responses, thanks.    

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Portrait of a lady c.1675

A member has been in touch seeking comments on this portrait of an unknown lady c.1675, style of Beale/Lely, uncleaned. Click on the images to enlarge, and please use the comments function below to post your response, thank you.

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Portrait of a Bavarian lady, c1850

A member is seeking artist attributions and thoughts on sitter identity for this work, believed to be a Bavarian lady c.1850. Please use the comment space below to share your ideas.

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Artists and dates sought for these Leeds/Dewsbury portraits

A member is attempting to identify four portrait sitters by artist attributions or proposed dates. The portraits are in a private family collection, and the sitters lived in the Leeds/Dewsbury area. Click the thumbnails for larger images. Please use the comment space below to share your ideas.

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Who is the artist of this portrait?

The label on the reverse reads ‘Painting of the Disbrow Family’.  It was sold by Christie’s in 1920 attributed to Peter Lely, but this is now being questioned by the owner who suspects it may be a work by Greenhill. Major General John Disbrow (1608–80) (also Disbrowe/Desborough) of Walton Hall was a high-ranking Parliamentarian.  In […]

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