Self-portrait by Edward Collier, oil on canvas, 1683 © National Portrait Gallery, London

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Unknown woman by Herman Verelst, 1688

Colleagues at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, have posted an image of their portrait by Herman Verelst, dated 1688. On reverse of the frame are labels reading “Mrs. Burslem [crossed out: Barnardiston] / from Mrs. Smith” and “Boddam-Whetham”. They welcome any thoughts regarding the possible identity of the sitter. […]

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Can you help identify the sitter of this 1915 portrait?

A member has submitted the following query; please add your suggestions in the Comments box at the bottom of the page: I am trying to source the sitter of this portrait by Richard Jack. The picture is dated 1915 and clearly depicts a well-to-do gentry type, typical of many of Jack’s sitters. It is done […]

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Possible laird of Barnbarroch

Can you help with this query about dating? This is (or was) a painting from my family home, Barnbarroch of an unknown Vans Agnew. Because of the size of the work and it’s important position (in a photo of the room in 1907) I presume it to be of a laird of Barnbarroch and therefore […]

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Possible subject or sitters, and artist sought

A network member is seeking assistance in identifying the sitters in this group portrait or the subject matter, and ideas as to artist. “I am researching a portrait which was originally thought to represent Samuel Foote with David Garrick and his wife Eva Maria Veigel, but this identification has now been disproved. There is evidence […]

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Seeking advice on portrait dating and costume

A query from Valence House Museum: This portrait is described as Mrs Mary Linsdell (b.1805) and her daughter Annie (b.1841) and was donated in 1942 by Annie’s son-in-law. Annie was the fifth child and third daughter of Mary and her husband Thomas. The portrait is by John Robert Wildman – portrait, landscape, historical and animal […]

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Portrait of a naval officer by Allan Ramsay

The sitter in this Allan Ramsay portrait of 1741 may be a naval officer  – can you assist the McLean Museum & Art Gallery in identifying his rank him ? Please register your comments on the Art Detective website here >>

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Pendant portraits at Valence House Museum

Acquired by Valence House Museum in 1972, very little is known about these two portraits. The sitters are wearing mid-17th century clothing and the portraits seem to form a pair. The paintings have been removed from their stretchers and appear to have undergone conservation at some point, possibly following fire damage. Any suggestions as to […]

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Portrait of a Lady c.1815-20

This work in a private collection is considered close to Lawrence, c.1815-20, but the artist and sitter are so far unidentified. The frame is believed to be French, c.1800-25; the label on the reverse is from the workshop of Samuel Coombe, 331 Strand, London. Ideas as to possible artists, or even sitter identity, are very […]

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