Portrait of Francis Trevithick (1812-1877)

Portrait of Francis Trevithick (1812-1877) © National Railway Museum

Portrait of Francis Trevithick (1812-1877) © National Railway Museum

This portrait is in the collection of the National Railway Museum. Thoughts on the artist’s identity would be appreciated – please use the ‘add a comment’ facility below.

Painting, oil on canvas
Portrait of Francis Trevithick (1812-1877), Chief mechanical engineer, London & North Western Railway (LNWR), holding drawing of locomotive Cornwall. Unsigned. 1114mm x 1427mm

Francis Trevithick was the son of Richard Trevithick (1771–1833). The locomotive Cornwall built at Crewe in 1847, designed by Francis Trevithick.
The painting was acquired in 1959 by the Museum of British Transport, Clapham; these collections formed the basis of the NRM collection. The accession register gives the artist as S. Sibley (1976-9392).

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