Family activities can attract large and new audiences if they are advertised in the right places. Publicity via your schools’ programme can work or through local community groups, Sure Start and doctors’ surgeries.


It is important that the activity you put on fits the space you have. Ideally you need a space that can become messy and be cleaned easily. Outdoors spaces can also be used – coverings can be hired for summer activities in case of rain.


Make sure that information for families on the timings of the activities and how long they are going to last is available in advance. It is also important that you decide and advertise the ages the activities are suitable for.


Family activities should be scheduled for weekends and school holidays, though activities specifically for toddlers and babies can be scheduled at different times.


Portraits can act as a springboard for a whole range of arts and crafts activities:

  • Self portrait painting
  • Portraits on plates or mugs
  • T-shirt printing
  • Mask making
  • Animal portraits
  • Story telling


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