Key Stages One (KS1) and Two (KS2) covers primary education. KS1 covers Reception up to Year 2 (the final year of ‘infant’ school at age 7) and KS2 covers Year 3 until Year 4 (‘junior’ school from ages 7 to 11).


Teaching for KS1 and 2 is guided by the National Curriculum, which has ‘Schemes of Work’. School visits to museums and galleries are dictated by the demands of the National Curriculum. A programme should fit the needs of teachers and be curriculum based.


The National Curriculum Online can be found here >>


Fortunately museums and galleries are ideally situated to cater to the demands of the National Curriculum. We can offer varied programmes that use different learning styles and cross-curricular themes through object centred learning. Collections of portraits are excellent learning tools for KS1 and 2 History, Art and Design and Citizenship.


Schools are also encouraged by the National Curriculum to visit museums, galleries and sites by the curriculum in order to supplement teaching Art and Design at the start or in the middle of a unit of work.


Holburne Museum run a successful taught session around portraiture that covers Art & Design – Self-portrait (KS1) and Portraying relationships (KS2) as well as Speaking & listening skills. The Ashmolean Museum runs a similar workshop around portraiture and in addition has an interactive whiteboard resource for use by teachers in the classroom.



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